Jamie Wolfond

Oblique Table

for Moda Operandi with Sight Unseen, 2019
51 x 51 x 41 cm
laminate-faced board

Lily Table

for Good Thing with Ben Kicic, 2018
45 x 45 x 63.5 cm
powder coated aluminum, plastic

Wandering Planter

for Furnishing Utopia, 2018
37 x 53 x 93 cm
aluminum, plastic, rubber

Arid Umbrella Stand

for Good Thing, 2017
38 x 20 x 33 cm
terracotta, cork

Split Bench

for NY x Norway with Sigve Knutson, 2017
43 x 131 x 32 cm
galvanized steel

Balance Pipe

for Tetra, 2016
11.5 x 2.5 x 4 cm
borosilicate glass

Platform Bowl

for Good Thing, 2016
24 x 24 x 11 cm
powder coated steel, pine

Card Display

for Everlane, 2015
10 x 23 x 4 cm

Farm Chair II

for Converse, 2015

Paper Display

for Good Thing, 2015
24 x 10 x 9 cm
powder coated aluminum

Graded Shelving Kit II

for Made, 2015
maple, plastic

Both World Vase

for fun with Jon Lucas, 2015
copper, automotive paint

Easy Mirror

for Good Thing, 2014
19 x 15 x 1 cm / 27 x 20 x 1 cm
polished stainless steel

Sticker Clock

for Good Thing, 2014
23.5 x 23.5 x 3 cm
fabric sticker, clock parts

Graded Shelving Kit

for fun, 2013
maple, plastic

Plastic Craft Light

for fun, 2013
52 x 52 x 16 cm
extrusion-welded plastic, led light source

Inflatable Floor Fans

for fun, 2013
ripstop nylon, fan, steel

Emergency Bench

for school, 2012
121 x 36 x 50 cm
PVC fabric, nylon, bronze, aluminum

Farm Chair

for school, 2012

Jamie Wolfond


+1 (416) 702 1133

38 Hugo Ave
Toronto, ON M6P 3T4

Site by Jon Lucas
Identity by Sarah Maslechko


Jamie Wolfond is a Canadian designer based in Toronto and New York. By exploring the ways in which manufacturing can influence the design process, Jamie's practice exposes new applications for common industrial crafts. The result is often something efficient or poetic or peculiar—but usually a little of each. Jamie founded Good Thing in 2014.

Jamie Wolfond Studio designs furniture, lighting, and everyday objects for consumer brands, architectural spaces, and private clients.

Shows, Talks and Workshops

Greenhouse at SFF (02/05/19)
EQ3 Panel at DesignTO (01/22/19)
Azure Panel at IDS (01/18/19)
Now What? Core77 at A/D/O (10/25/18)
Furnishing Utopia(05/19/18)
Brightworks Innovation Day (04/19/18)
A/D/O (02/03/18)
Converse Design Workshop (04/22/16)
TO DO Talks (01/22/15)